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Harki parekh

Harki Parekh


Mr. Parekh has over 35 years of real estate experience as a broker, principal investor, and operator in Southern California. He provides firm overs...

Sumeet parekh

Sumeet Parekh

Managing Partner

Mr. Parekh brings over 15 years of diverse real estate experience to HP Investors, including institutional private equity, real estate investment b...

Isaac abid

Isaac Abid


Mr. Abid has over 15 years of real estate acquisitions and asset management experience, and helps oversee and manage deal sourcing, asset managemen...

Marc stanworth

Marc Stanworth


Mr. Stanworth has over 15 years of principal investing experience that spans large international private equity transactions, public/private develo...

Jason hotze

Jason Hotze

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Hotze is responsible for all aspects of the firm's financial management, including internal accounting, reporting, and lender relationships. Mr...

Hildebrand weatherspoon

Hildebrand Weatherspoon

Vice President of Property Management

Mrs. Weatherspoon oversees property management for the firm. She brings over 15 years of owner-operator and third-party commercial, management expe...

Dennis bradstreet

Dennis Bradstreet

Vice President of Construction Management

Mr. Bradstreet has held principal construction management for all ground-up and redevelopment activity for HP Investors since 2005, including overs...