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HP Investors is focused on long-term urban and infill real estate investment opportunities. The firm believes that investments in this sector are best positioned to benefit from changing demographics, consumer spending habits, and increasing real estate scarcity.

The firm evaluates each of its investment opportunities based on the following criteria:

  • Sustainable Long-Term Location and Market Characteristics
  • Compelling Downside Protection and Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • High Density and Well-Trafficked Corridors
  • Positive Location Externalities
  • Compelling Demographic Trends
  • Favorable Supply and Demand Dynamics
  • Near Term Cash-Flow Generation

About 1

Local Expertise

Going beyond typical market research, HP Investors creates information advantages through its deep local relationships with community leaders and interest groups. This deeper level of research provides the firm with the ability to make better investment decisions.

Research Based Approach

HP Investors employs a data-driven research process to identify industry and market trends that are poised to create significant long-term value, including studies of supply/demand imbalances, changes in tenant demand characteristics, and detailed demographic analysis.

Detailed Quantitative Analysis / Deal Sophistication

HP Investors leverages its strength in quantitative analysis to structure and create creative investment opportunities. The firm has implemented sophisticated deal structures with developers, property owners, tenants, and lenders to reduce risk in its investments and create new opportunities.

Risk Mitigation

For each investment HP Investors creates a risk mitigation plan to identify potential pit-falls and identify solutions to avoid them. This process of identifying and eliminating risks provides our investors with superior risk-adjusted returns.